Did you know...DRIP Wizard software does all the required bookkeeping associated with DRIP investing?
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Welcome to DRIPWizard.com

NEW VERSION OF DRIP Wizard - To be Released SOON!
We have an exciting new version coming out soon (end of Aug 2012) All existing customers will get a FREE Upgrade to the new version We will halt all new sales during this short release period. Please stay tuned for the upcoming release! STAY Tuned for updates!!

DRIP Wizard Customers:  Download the June 1st, 2008 free upgrade patch by clicking Here
(Anyone ordering after June 1st does not need to update)
-- If you are having problems with this patch, you can upgrade the file manually by clicking Here --

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What is DRIP Wizard?
DRIP Wizard is software for Windows (98+, XP, Vista, etc.) systems that manages your DRIP, stock, and mutual fund investments.  With DRIP Wizard, you can:  

  • track profits
  • generate tax reports
  • update stock prices over the internet
  • manage your portfolio
  • automatically track Cost Basis and instantly retrieve complex Capital Gain data
  • handle stock splits, mergers, and spin-offs with a few clicks

What can I do on this website?
On this website, you can learn more about DRIP Investing.  You can search our DRIP database of over 800 stocks that offer their own DRIPs--complete with stock ratings, contact info, and industry categories.  You can learn more about our software.  You can place your order for DRIP Wizard.  You can join our mailing list, to receive free newsletters on DRIP investing and investment tracking.  And you can contact us.

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