DRIP Wizard helps new DRIP investors get started with the process--and the software helps them keep track of all the required bookkeeping.
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DRIPs are the small investor's best ally!  Set-up by good companies to draw individual investors, these plans cater to the needs of the small investor.

Whether buying and selling stocks or investing in mutual funds, a broker takes a significant portion of your earnings.  When investing in DRIPs, you can invest as often as you like, without getting punished by fees and commissions.

DRIPs (Dividend ReInvestment Plans) are set up by large companies on the stock market.  In most plans, anyone with one share of stock in the company can join.  Once in the plan, all dividend checks are used to purchase additional shares of stock.  The investor can also send checks to the company.  The company will use the check to purchase additional shares.  In most plans, there are no fees charged for purchasing shares.  When there are fees, they are extremely small, and they are often paid for by the company.  The companies usually keep track of share increments of .0001 shares, so it's OK to send them a small check whenever you want!

Why should you invest in DRIPs:

  • market traders and mutual fund investors give up a portion of their yield to brokers

  • speculative traders are fighting a losing battle--trying to out predict the insiders and professionals

  • DRIPs are free (or extremely cheap) to invest in.  This means you can invest more frequently.  Most DRIPs allow investments as small as $10 to $25 at a time.

  • DRIPs allow small investors to take advantage of Dollar Cost Averaging, which gives you extra yield when purchasing shares over a long period of time.

  • Anyone already holding shares in a major company should consider joining its DRIP, simply to get their dividends reinvested rather than sent in small checks.   

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