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Free Upgrades for DRIP Wizard Customers
All DRIP Wizard customers are eligible for free upgrades, via download, for 2 years from purchase.  As a reward to all of our loyal customers, this latest update, from June 1st 2008 is available to all DRIP Wizard customers--even those dating back to 1999!

Update June 1, 2008:

To upgrade your program, run the above file.  It is about 500k, so it could take one or two minutes to download for people with slower connections.  You only need the latest update.

Before running the upgrade, make sure DRIP Wizard is closed.  When you run the above file, you will be asked for your order number.  If you don't know it, request it via e-mail from support@dripwizard.com.  Supply your name and e-mail address, and we will e-mail you your order number.

In a few cases, you may encounter a message indicating the patch didn't go through.  If this is the case, simply write down the message and e-mail it to us.  We will promptly respond with the appropriate directions and possibly additional files you may need.

Brief Explanation of Updates:
June 1, 2008
-Tax Reports are improved, showing averages on Long-Term and Short-Term Gains
-Transaction window scrolls up when you are adding a new Transaction, so you can see the previous one you entered while you are adding the new one
-Other miscellaneous improvements

August 1, 2003
-improved revision control
-added portfolio file name to caption of DRIP Wizard window

May 19, 2003
-fixed column alignment problem that occurred on some computers when generating Tax Reports.

February 22, 2003
-repaired a bug that prevented printing of Transactions for accounts with Mergers

June 9, 2001
-added support for multiple company spin-offs.  Upgraded Merger support.  You can now execute a merger where cash per share is given in lieu of stock.  You can also execute a merge of two companies, even when you already own both of them.

-navigation tips added on the three major areas

-added Total Cost Basis as an investment statistic

-slight terminology change to avoid confusion.  Investment Classes now called Investment Groups.  Categories now called Industries.

April 27, 2001
-when submitting Dividend Reinvestment transactions for DRIPs, a fee or commission would periodically be submitted even though you indicated none.  This would likely happen if there were a previous Buy transaction with a fee or commission and a subsequent Reinvestment transaction without one.  **You may want to review your Reinvestment transactions and verify this did not happen on some of your transactions.  If it did, simply edit the transaction and remove the fee or commission that was mistakenly added.

-when executing a merger, the default account type was always Mutual Fund (though you could always change it).  Now it matches the 'parent' in the merger.

-the custom view on the Transaction screen for DRIPs and Stocks now always has the right-column defaulted to Share Balance.  This will help avoid confusion about how the Share Balance is affected through purchases, sales, and splits.

April 12, 2001
-when submitting a Reinvestment transaction, the Description would say that the dividend was 'Tax-Exempt'.  Though it wasn't treated that way, the description is confusing.  It has been fixed.

-when submitting a purchase, you enter the number of shares and the price.  Sometimes the total Purchase Amount doesn't match what's on your statement.  If the company doesn't report enough decimals on their statements, the number may be off by a few pennies.  We now allow you to adjust the Purchase Amount before submitting.  Since the numbers still won't quite multiply properly, a window will pop-up suggesting that the Price per Share be slightly modified to appropriately deal with the small discrepancy (this is the appropriate action to take...for tax purposes).

-cleared up the cause of an error message that would periodically pop-up while in the process of Editing a transaction.

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