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What Are DRIPs?
DRIP stand for Dividend ReInvestment Plan.  DRIPs are set up by publicly traded companies to help small investors buy their stock.  The investor's dividends are automatically reinvested to purchase additional shares of stock.  The investor can also send a check (or Optional Payment) to the DRIP--which is then used to purchase more shares of stock.  Typically, no fees or commissions are charged for purchasing shares.  Many plans allow the investor to send checks as small as $10!  Some plans offer other benefits, such as discounted purchase price and automatic monthly investment (withdrawal from a checking account).

Why would a company sponsor a DRIP for its stock:

  • To draw small investors.  Small investors are more loyal than large firms.  Having them helps to improve stock price stability.

  • To generate short-term capital.  Companies can borrow against DRIP investment money for a short-term to generate capital without going through the hassle of getting a bank loan.

  • To improve the company's business.  Investors are also loyal customers.  

The most common name for these investment plans is DRIP, but some companies use other names.  They include:  DRP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan), Direct Stock Purchase Plan, Investor Service Program, DPP (Direct Purchase Plan), Shareowner Investment Plan, Buy Direct, Shareowner Direct.  In all cases, the plans are similar.

More in-depth information about DRIPs is located in the DRIP Info area.

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