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Why Use the DRIP Wizard?
For anyone currently or about to invest in DRIPs, the DRIP Wizard is an absolute must-have.

DRIPs are an excellent way to invest.  But keeping track of everything quickly becomes impossible.  The DRIP Wizard takes care of everything.  Listed below are some reasons that the DRIP Wizard is essential for any DRIP investor:

  • Annual Taxes:  All dividends must be reported to the IRS every year--even if the dividend was immediately reinvested.  In addition, certain fees and commissions are taxable as dividend-income.  And still others can be used as deductions.  Without the use of the DRIP Wizard, keeping track of it all is extremely challenging

  • Selling Shares - Capital Gains:  Though you will rarely sell shares from a DRIP, it will eventually happen.  When shares are sold, the IRS needs to know the capital gains on the sale.  This becomes extremely complex, as each reinvested dividends and optional cash payment are separate stock purchases.  Figuring out which shares were sold, which ones remain, how much commission was paid (if any), how much the total profit is, becomes extremely complicated.  Splits further complicate the matter.  But the DRIP Wizard does everything at the touch of a button.

  • Return on Investment (ROI):  Investing frequently over long periods of time is great for small investors.  Unfortunately, it makes it difficult to determine the performance of your investments.  The DRIP Wizard goes through extensive calculations to give you tons of Return on Investment information.  Every time the program starts, you will see each of your stock's (and your portfolio's) annual ROI and the stock's (and portfolio's) total ROI.  You can graph historical ROI for stocks or for the portfolio.  You can even find out the ROI for any individual stock purchase.  Everything is at your fingertips.

  • Many more reasons!  The DRIP Wizard keeps track of current and historical value.  The program can help suggest a stock in your portfolio that would be best to buy or sell.  The program has a DRIP Company Search feature.  There, you can search through 800+ companies that offer DRIPs.  To help you find the right company for your portfolio, they are categorized and sub-categorized by industry and size.  

Go to Product Info to learn more about the DRIP Wizard and its features.

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