Did you know...DRIP portfolios typically out-perform mutual funds because of the commission and fee savings?
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Why Invest in DRIPs?
DRIPs are a great way for the small investor to get ahead.  DRIPs allow you to build holdings in a company frequently, over long periods of time.  Shares are purchased whenever the company pays a dividend and whenever you opt to send them a check.  There are several distinct advantages to investing this way:

  • no brokerage fees:  In traditional investing, the more you trade, the more the broker takes.  In DRIPs, there are no fees.  You can acquire shares as frequently as once a month.  Your principal isn't eroded by brokerage fees.  For the small investor, even discount fees can take a serious piece of the investor's principal.

  • dollar cost averaging:  By purchasing frequently over long periods of time, you gain a statistical edge that is likely to help enhance your yield.  The general concept is that if you regularly invest a consistent amount for each purchase, you will buy more shares when the stock price is lower and less when the stock price is higher.  This edge can help to improve your yields.  For more info, read about dollar cost averaging.

  • DRIP benefits:  Some DRIPs offer additional benefits to their investors.  Some offer discount on stock price (which is a giveaway for investors) for purchases from within the plan.  Many are offering an auto-withdrawal option, which allows you to have small amounts of money withdrawn from your checking account, used to purchase additional stock.

  • Get involved in investments:  DRIPs are a great way to get involved with investing.  Traditional buying and selling of stocks is risky and usually less profitable than DRIP investing.  When you enroll in a DRIP, you will get quarterly and yearly earnings reports from the company.  You will be able to follow the company's progress.  And you will be able to follow your investment's progress, as you acquire more and more shares.  You can start investing with as little as $100.

  • Get young people into investing:  DRIPs are a great way for young people to learn to appreciate the value of investing.  Buy a few shares of a good company and put it in their name. Over the years, the future-investor will watch as the shares grow. 

For more information about DRIPs as an investment option, go to DRIP Info.

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