DRIP Wizard Software helps individual investors keep track of their DRIPs, Stocks, and MUTUAL FUNDS!
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Information about the DRIP Wizard

DRIP Wizard is an essential tool for any DRIP Investor.  DRIPs are an excellent, low-cost way to invest in the stock market.  They allow a small investor to accumulate small amounts of shares frequently, without paying a stock broker.  Unfortunately, this big advantage has been DRIP's biggest disadvantage.  Because the investor purchases many shares over different periods of time, the tracking of the investments can be a nightmare.

DRIP Wizard answers all of the following questions about your DRIP Investments:

  • How much are your DRIP investments worth today?  how has their value historically changed?

  • What is your real return on investment for your DRIPs?

  • If you sell stocks, how will you know which ones you are selling?  How will you know what capital gains to report to the IRS?

  • Which of your companies are performing the best?

  • How much are you gaining from Dollar Cost Averaging?

DRIP Wizard is a computer program that runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Me, XP machines.  It is extremely easy to use.  Within minutes, you will be in control of your DRIP investments.  Click on the links on the left get more in-depth information.  Click Order Now to purchase your own copy of the DRIP Wizard for only $49.95.

DRIP Wizard keeps track of your DRIP investments.  To use it, you simply add individual stocks to your portfolio.  Then, as statements are mailed to you from your DRIP, run the program and submit the information.  It takes only a few seconds to submit a transaction.

As a reward, you will have total control over your DRIP investments.  Key statistics (like current value, annual return on investment, total profit, P/E ratio, . . .) will always be shown to you for each stock.  You can use the graph wizard to create charts of historical value, historical return on investment, stock price, and more.  At the end of your personal tax period, use the tax summary feature to give you a report that itemizes all tax information for any given period.  Dividends, Capital Gains (even with different holding periods), Income Deductions will all be listed.  Want to invest more money into one of your DRIPs, but you're not sure which one?  Use the suggest buy/sell feature to help you decide.  At the press of a button, automatically update all your stock prices and earnings-per-share

And the best part of all . . . everything is point-and-click!  No question, anyone can run this software.  DRIP Wizard is packed with powerful features, but its graphic, point-and-click design makes them accessible to anyone who knows how to turn on a computer. 

At the bottom of this page, a screen shot of the main area of DRIP Wizard is shown.  Each time you start the DRIP Wizard, you will start here.  It lists all of your investments and shows current statistics for each investment.  To see more about a particular stock or to update transaction information, you would just click on the stock.

It's easy-to-use, it's powerful, it's essential for all investors!

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