DRIP Wizard helps you manage and maintain a diversified portfolio through Investment Categories and Targets.
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In DRIP Wizard, all companies are assigned a Category.  This can help you keep a well-balanced, diversified portfolio.

As a default, there are twelve built-in Categories.  These are relatively standard in investment circles.  They include:  Capital Goods, Consumer Cyclical, Energy, Healthcare, . . .  Whenever you add a stock from the DRIP Company Search feature, they will automatically be assigned the appropriate Category.

You may use these built-in Categories for your stocks, or you can easily customize the list of Categories.  For instance, you may want to classify all of your investments into four Categories (Healthcare, Technology, Utilities, Other).

However you choose to categorize your stocks, you can set target percentages for each Category.  In the example above, you may want 25% in Healthcare, 20% in Technology, 10% in Utilities, and 35% in Other.

After a minute or two of set-up, DRIP Wizard will use the information to help you keep track of the diversification of your investment portfolio.  This is key to any good investment strategy.

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