Don't use a broker for advice? See what DRIP Wizard thinks about what you should buy or sell.
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Suggest Buy/Sell

Should you have a need to sell shares or should you want to make some additional investment in your DRIPs, DRIP Wizard offers a feature which will suggest which of your companies are best to sell and which are best to buy

The suggestion feature uses four different criteria to determine these suggestions.  They are:

  • ROI (Return on Investment) Performance:  Typically, stocks that have made their investors the best yield will continue to do so.  This is because return on investment is often one of the best indicators of the quality of a company's management.

  • Price/Earnings (PE) Ratio:  This is the price per share of the stock divided by its annual earnings per share.  Typically, low numbers indicate that the stock price is likely to increase. 

  • Price Deviation:  The current price of a stock is compared to its long-term moving average.  Statistically, a stock is a more attractive buy when its price is below its moving average.

  • Category Balance:  It's important for all investors to stay diversified.  The DRIP Wizard helps you determine the best move to keep your investments in diversified categories.  Categories are feature in DRIP Wizard that make it easy for you to keep track of your portfolio's diversification.  

For each criteria, DRIP Wizard gives each company a score from +1.0 (Strong Buy) to -1.0 (Strong Sell).  The scores are averaged (you can customize how they are weighted).  Then the stocks are ranked from best buy to best sell, along with their scores, for each of the four categories and for overall score.

The result:  DRIP Wizard can help you gain better control of your investments.

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