Here, we will post technical questions frequently brought up by customers.
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Frequently Asked (Technical) Questions

How do I transfer my data to a new computer?

How do I send my Portfolio File to

How do I transfer my data to a new computer?
All your investment/portfolio/stock/transaction/etc... information is stored in one file -- called your portfolio file.  You need to move that file to your new computer.  Follow these steps:

1 - save the portfolio file to a floppy disk
On your old computer, run DRIP Wizard.  Put an empty floppy disk in your floppy drive.  On the top of the Home Screen, press 'File', then press 'Save Portfolio As'
.  At the top, where is says 'Save In', press the down arrow to expand your options.  Select '3 1/2 Floppy (A:)'.  Press Save.  When asked whether to 'Make this Your New Default Portfolio', select No.  (*sidenote: the filename will be something like portf1.drp or somethingelse.drp).

2 - move the portfolio file from the floppy to your new computer
Make sure DRIP Wizard is already installed on your new computer.  Put the floppy disk into your drive.  Open 'My Computer' by double-clicking on it (on XP, you get to this from the Start Menu, on many machines, it's on the desktop).  Open the 'Local Disk (C:)' by double-clicking it.  Find and Open the 'Program Files' folder by double-clicking it.  Find and open the 'dripwiz' folder.  Put the floppy disk into your new computer.  Open another 'My Computer' window (keep the other window open), but this time, open the '3 1/2 Floppy (A:)'.  Highlight the portfolio file on the A:..  Right-click the file and choose 'Copy'.  Go back to the other My Computer window.  Right-click on a blank area and choose 'Paste'.  (If asked if you'd like to replace the existing file, choose 'Yes')

3 - set your portfolio file as the default in DRIP Wizard on your new computer
Run DRIP Wizard on your new computer.  From the Home Screen, press 'File' then 'Open Portfolio'.  Make sure it is in the 'dripwiz' folder at the top, where it says 'Look In:'.  If not, change it so it does.  Choose your portfolio file.  Press the 'Open' button.  When asked whether you'd like to 'Make this your new default portfolio', select 'Yes'.

And that's it.  If you don't have a floppy on your new or old computer, you'll need to follow very similar directions, but you'll need to put the portfolio file on another media.  That means you may need to burn it to a CD.  If that's the case, you'll need to open DRIP Wizard on the old computer, press File->Save As..., and write down the name of your portfolio file, press Cancel, close DRIP Wizard.  Open up My Computer.  Get into the C:/Program Files/dripwiz/ directory.  Copy your portfolio file.  Paste it onto a blank CD (in XP, just do this by getting into the CDRW drive from My Computer, and press paste, then right-click and choose to Write these files to CD) (in older systems, you'll have to use a CD-recording program).  Once the portfolio file is on a CD, just follow directions above, starting at Step 2.  One special note, though...  once you paste your portfolio file onto your new computer, right-click it on your new computer, choose 'Properties' and make sure the 'Read-Only' property is not checked.

How can I send a copy of my Portfolio File to

1 - figure your Portfolio's file name
When you are on the Home Screen of DRIP Wizard, look at the window caption on the top of the program's screen.  There, it will tell you the name of the Portfolio File.  It will end in a ".drp".  It might say something like, "DRIP Wizard - portf1.drp".  If so, your Portfolio File's name is portf1.drp.

2 - send the file to
You may be using an email program (like Outlook) or you may be using an email website (like hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc).  Either way, create a new email message and use in the "Send To:" field.  Press the "Attach a File" button.  Oftentimes, this button will look like a small paperclip.  Once you press the button, you will need to find it on your computer.  The file should be located in the following directory:  My Computer/C Drive/Program Files/dripwiz/

Locate the file and attach.  Send the message.